Corrugated Sheet

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Corrugated Pads or Corrugated Cardboard Sheets are made up of thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp provide protective cushioning for products or materials during transit. It's basically a layer of paper, not just a single sheet. Corrugated Pads are usually used for packing, storing, and shipping products to various places like factories, warehouses, stores, etc.

Perfect Packaging - Most Trusted Corrugated Packaging Sheets or Corrugated Cardboard Sheets 
 We are one of the best corrugated pads suppliers in Dewas, India deals in corrugated paper sheets, corrugated rolls, Corrugated Paper Rolls, etc.

Advantages of Corrugated Pads / Corrugated Cardboard Sheets:
High Durability
Low Cost
Low Weight
Recyclable and Reusable
Perfect Packaging

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