Box Strapping Machine Extra Heavy

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Strap Width : 9-15 mm

Speed : 1.5 sec/Staraps

Power Supply : I-phase,50/60 Hz

Power Consumption :  065 KW

Machine Tension : 5-60KGS

Machine Dimension : 895mm(L)*565mm(W)*735mm(H)

Machine Weight : 90 KGS

Honey copper wire motor. Instant heating in only 20 second .Magnetic drive for faster speed packing.

List type top cover allows convenient machine. Economical design of control switch .Independence PCB control feeding and heating .The unit is easy to maintain.

One touch machine operation energy saving mode activate within 1.5 sec of non-use and allows for instant operation.

Stainless steel frame is available for strapping moisturized products .Close type Cabinet. Steel flange.

(Extra Features)

Round belt tension on detector .Steel transmission Bracket Unit S.S .Roller. Steel Bearing Housing Unit. Control PCB : TA -01

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